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The North Queensland Athletics Championships is the premier athletics event in North Queensland. Held since 1957, this major championships has grown in size and is now reconsidered as the biggest regional athletics event in Australia. 

Final Timetable

Rules and Entries

Live Results

The Athletics North Queensland Championships incorporates a number of events for athletes from 4 years of age to 99+, including all athletes with a disability  (Para-Athletes). This includes the North Queensland Track and Field Championships, North Queensland Combined Event Championships, North Queensland Road Running Championships and the Queensland & North Queensland One Mile Championship, 100 yard Memorial Events : Hector Hogan for Men and John Campbell Miles for Women.

Any athlete that is a member of clubs associated to Athletics North Queensland (ANQ), Queensland Athletics (QA),  Queensland Master Athletics (QMA), Australian Master Athletics (AMA), Athletics Australia (AA), or from another country's athletics club (IAAF) can nominate to compete. THERE ARE  NO ENTRY STANDARDS FOR THIS EVENT.

INDEPENDENT/DAY REGISTRATIONS  are not accepted for this event.

13-19yr athletes competing in the Queensland School State Championships are allowed entry into these Championships, and are not required to be a member of an athletics body. This is not a school sports event - students/athletes will not get support or assistance by their local school or regional sports body for this event.

Competition Rules
All athletes MUST familiarise themselves with the following important information and event rules before submitting their entry. A full list of North Queensland competition rules are available on the Athletics North Queensland website.

This competition is open to PARA ATHLETES, please advise your current classification upon entry.

Refunds will not be issued for online entries under any circumstances unless the meet is cancelled and not rescheduled. 

Club Athletes will compete for their registered club and wear correct uniform and registration numbers.

Masters Age Groupings
 Athletes who are 30 years and older may compete either in the Open events or Masters Events. Master athletes will compete in age groupings, which go up in 5. I.e. 30-34, 35-39. Athletics North Queensland will place these athletes into the age groupings for the competition. For nomination purposes only, there are only 2 age groups. Masters age groups will be determined as at 27th  September, 2019

Timetable of Events
The DRAFT timetable currently available may be adjusted following the close of entries. The FINAL timetable will be available  on the Athletics North Queensland website by 24th  September. It is the responsibility of each athlete to ensure they are aware of the start time of their events.

Bib Numbers

Club Athletes MUST wear their current 2019/20 competition numbers. Athletes will not be allowed to compete unless bib numbers are worn. Replacement numbers issued to registered  athletes on the day will incur a fee of $5.lts

qualifications for 2020 national competitions

If you are an NQ resident ANQ registered athlete, ANQ Championships offers an opportunity to qualify for the 2020 Australian National Championships & 2020 Australian Junior Championships.

Here is how an athlete can qualify:
- Achieve qualification standard (Available on Queensland Athletics (Junior) and Athletics Australia (Open) websites).
- Be one of the top 2 NQ resident ANQ athletes in event. This is regardless of whether athletes actually finished in the 1st or 2nd for the event overall. This ensures NQ resident athletes do not lose an opportunity to compete at nationals due to visiting non-NQ resident athlete competing at the ANQ Championships.  

Nomination for Nationals will be made available on the Queensland Athletics (Junior) and Athletics Australia (Open) websites. 

Important Information for Junior Athletes (U14 to U20)
The following information is purposed to clarify qualifying for the Australian Junior Championships at the 2019 ANQ Championships. 

The first 2 NQ Resident ANQ registered athletes in their age group as of the 31/12/2019 will automatically qualify for the 2020 Australian Junior Championships, competing in their age group as of the 31 December 2020. 

Non-ANQ registered athletes should contact their State Athletic Association for their qualification standards for the 2020 Australian Junior Championships.

Athletes in the throwing and hurdle events, where their weights or hurdle heights change between 2019 and 2020 are allowed to compete in the next age group up at the ANQ Championships. This is to assist athletes to gauge performances for the 2020 Australian Junior/ Open Championships. These athletes will compete as exhibition athletes in the age group above and will not be entitled to medals, placings or automatic qualifiers. The affected athletes should email after entering the online nominations in current age division. 

Please note: Athletes who compete in the U20, U18 and U16 will receive automatic qualification based on their age NOT their event division. E.g. Four athletes will receive automatic qualification in the U18 age division (2 x 16 years of age, 2 x 17 years of age).

In 2020, the Australian Athletics Championships & Australian Junior Championships will be held together.


27th - 29th SEPTEMBER 2019

Featured Events

Individual Events:
- 4yrs to 6yrs -  $20 (capped amount will receive participation medal and certificate)
- 7yr to 9yrs $25 (capped amount will receive participation medal and certificate)
- 10yrs and above $10 per event (place getters will receive medals)
- Masters $30 (capped amount, NO MEDALS, will receive a participation gift, feature events and combined events not included)

Feature Events:
- 100 yards $15.00
- 1 mile $15.00
- 12km Road Run $10.00

Combined Events:
- Throw Pentathlon $10
- Pentathlon $25 
- Heptathlon, Octathlon and Decathlon $50 each
Championship records

Click Here for Female Records.
Click Here for Male Records.

Out of Stadia Race

6km out of Stadia Race
(Previously was a 12km race)

Cost of entry: $5


Map of Course: