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Community Nitro Athletics reaches the Outback

Friday, 23 June 2017 | ANQ Athletics




Members of the public have shown they that regardless of age or ability, they had the agility, speed, endurance and power to compete for the 2017 Community Nitro Athletics Cups.

Attracting over 300 people from the towns of Normanton, Burketown and Croydon, these inaugural community competitions have ignited the flame for future athletics competitions and athletics training in remote Queensland.

“Bring on 2018” Burketown’s Principle Chris Ford commented at the conclusion of the competition. “I can’t wait to see the whole town of Burketown involved in the next Community Nitro Event”

“What a fun night that involved the whole community” a local from Normanton said.

“And this is just the start of it” commented Dayne O’Hara – coordinator of the program. Over the next 12 months more of these Community Nitro Athletics events will be held, followed by a range of athletics (track and field, social running and walking) initiatives.

Along with the Community Nitro Athletics events, a range of school visits and coach education courses have been conducted in Burketown, Cooktown, Croydon, Doomadgee, Hopevale, Karumba, Mornington Island and Normanton.  This has seen to date 17 new qualified athletics coaches educated in multiple communities since March this year. 

The bar will also be raised for competitions next month with over 300 athletes participating in the Gulf District Athletics festival conducted in Normanton.

The Community Nitro Athletics events are part of the Athletics for the Outback – Queensland Program, a program funded through the Queensland Government and implemented by Queensland Athletics. The aim is to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders the opportunity to participate in athletics on a regular basis and increase community ownership and management of athletics in Indigenous communities in Queensland.

For more information about the program, go to