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Level 1 Coaching Course - Tolga

Monday, 21 May 2018 | Media




Thanks to the Queensland Goverment sporting grants and Athletics North Queensland, this course has been subsided by $100. 

The Level 1 Community Athletics Coach Course is an introductory course for coaches into Athletics.  It is aimed at people who would like to get into coaching, but have either no coaching experience or very limited coaching experience.  Therefore the emphasis in this course is the “coaching process” (i.e. the ‘how to coach’ rather than the ‘what to coach’).  The elements of running, jumping and throwing will be used to illustrate the key points of coaching practice.  Games-based activities will be emphasised.

The target group for the Level 1 Community Athletics Coach course are those who want to progress their involvement in the sport and be recognized and assessed as competent as an Accredited Athletics Coach (AAC).  This course is specific for beginning coaches coaching beginning participants with potential participants being athletes, teachers, coaches from other sports and parents.

NOTE: If you are a practising teacher who is looking to update your Professional Development in order to satisfy the CARAs requirements, this course is NOT the course you need to complete.  Please contact Athletics North Queensland for further information.

Pre-course Work
As part of the Pre course work for this course, participants must  complete the Australian Sports Commission Community Coaching General Principles. This can be accessed at 

Program Curriculum

  • Introduction to Training Beginner Athletes
  • Long Term Athlete Participation
  • Fundamental Skills and the Coach in Action
  • Warm Ups
  • Run, Jump, and Throw
  • Session Planning
  • Working Together
  • Coaching and Athlete Pathways


Date: Saturday 30th June 2018

Time: 9.00am-5.00pm (100% attendance is compulsory)

Location:  Tablelands Athletics Club. Tolga Sports Reserve - Kennedy Highway, 4882

Participant Cost: $90

Registration Deadline: Wednesday 27th June 2018