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  • Each pair will compete together in five (5) events
  • All field events in all age groups will only have three throws/jumps each. (eg. Long jump, javelin, shot put and discus). The only exception will be high jump.
  • Shoes are compulsory in all events.
  • Spikes can only be worn by 11 years and up.
  • 11’s and 12’s can only wear spikes in laned track events, jump events and javelin.
  • 13’s and older may wear spikes in all track events, jump events and javelin.
  • Spikes must be carried to your event. Do not walk to your event with them on.
  • All athletes must remove their spikes prior to leaving the competition arena.
  • Failure to adhere to these safety rules may result in the athlete being disqualified.
  • ANQ equipment specifications apply to ALL athletes


LAQ Registered Athletes

3-5 Year Old’s through to U18 will compete this year as per ANQ school age grouping.

ANQ Registered Athletes

  • 16 year old’s and up (including Open and Masters) may pair up with another athlete or their own age or as old as an Amateur.
  • Ideally, a Master should team up with a Master. An Open with Open etc. However, we appreciate that numbers will not always allow for this, therefore, commonsense prevails. If in doubt, please direct any queries to the Recording Tent.


Participating parents not registered with an Athletics Club must follow the above conditions.

Late Nominations

No late nominations will be accepted.

Competing Athletes

  • An athlete must attempt to pair up with someone of the same gender.
  • Any girl athlete pairing up with a boy athlete will compete as a boy.
  • Any boy athlete pairing up with a girl in an older age group will compete as a boy in the older age category.
  • Athletes (6-15) can only pair up with another person with only one year age differences younger or older, and must compete at the older age category. (ie. 13 & 14 year old can compete together in the 14 year age category).
  • An athlete cannot change partners mid competition. If you do this, you will both lose your points.
  • If an athlete is unable to continue due to injury or illness, please advise the Recording Tent immediately, who will attempt to match your partner up with another athlete. Please report to the Recording Tent together, so confirmation can be made.
  • Officials, Age Marshals and Recorders cannot approve a change of partner.
  • It is the responsibility of each athlete to proceed to the Track Recording Table after each race to get their time recorded.

event information

Sunday 12th May 2019

Johnson Park, Gordonvale
EVENT STARTS at 8.30am

The theme for 2019 is Partners on the Stage and Screen

Come dressed as your favourite partnership from the stage and screen - Chewbacca and Han Solo, Mario and Luigi, The Blues Brothers, Tom and Jerry, Laverne and Shirley. to name a few. 

Partner up with a friend, a neighbour or a school buddy and compete as a pair with combined scores contributing to placings. Athletes do not need to be registered to a club to compete.