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bowen athletics carnival

Bowen Track and Field Carnival will be held on Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th August 2019. This great family athletics carnival welcomes all athletes  registered with ANQ, AA, QLAA or QMA. Athletes who wish to compete and are not registered with any of the above organisations, i.e. independent athlete, will be required to complete an ANQ registration form and make payment of $5.00 to cover insurance costs for the duration of the carnival.

ANQ age limitations and event specifications apply.  Competition will be conducted according to IAAF rules.


Athletes up to and including 7 hears will receive a participant medal. Masters athletes will receive a participation award. they will not be eligible for individual medals.

Athletes registered with ANQ, QA, QLAA or QMA are welcomed to participate



Type Fee
4yrs to 6yrs (6events) $15
 7yrs (8 events)  $15
8yrs to Open $7 per event
Masters (Unlimited events) $25
Non registered athlete $5


Bowen Athletic Club invite all visiting teams to submit nominations for Relays to finish the 2019 Bowen Track and Field Carnival on a high.  

Relay Rules

1.    Nominations will be accepted up until 11.30am on the Sunday of the carnival. If this will change finals to heats at the discretion of the Meeting Manager. However, to assist with carnival management, it would be appreciated if teams could be nominated prior to carnival closing date of  28 July 2019

2.    There will be no fee for relay team entries with medals and a perpetual shield on offer in each category.

3.    If number of teams entered exceeds lanes available, the relay will be conducted as a timed final.

4.    Each relay team (except Minnies) must be mixed with a minimum of 1 member from either sex (eg 2 M and 2F, 3F and 1M, 3M and 1F).  

5.    Athletes nominated for relays must have competed in at least one other event throughout the carnival

6.    Relay teams must be club based.  Clubs who have too few numbers to constitute a relay team may borrow spare athletes from other clubs once they have completed their nominations.

7.    Relay Categories:

·        Minnies (4-7 years) – 60m shuttle relay.  Maximum combined team age of 25 years. (any mix of boys and girls)

·        Junior (7-10yrs) -  100m shuttle relay. Total team age range of athletes is 26-40years.  Must be a mixed team as per rule 5

·        Intermediate (11-13 yrs) – 100m circular relay. Total team age range of athletes is 41-50 years.  Must be a mixed team as per rule 5

·Senior (12yrs +) – 100m circular relay.  Total team age range of athletes is 51-75 years.  Must be a mixed team as per rule 5. For the senior relay, any athlete aged greater than 25 years will count as 25 years towards the age total. Any enquiries to

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE CARNIVAL or enquiries please contact


event information

3-4 AUGUST 2019

Nominations close Sunday 28th July